So now you are in your dorm room. 

Did all of the dorm room ideas you had thought of before starting your dorm life ring true? Did your ideas about dorm life and the way it is play out? Most of the ideas you had about dorm life were probably just what you thought they would be but most certainly many things you never thought about came into play. Just like anything else. 

What kind of stuff did you think about to decorate your dorm room. Tapestries, posters, and lights of course. No college dorm room is complete without tapestries or posters. We all know that. They are essential dorm room decor even in the age of digital pictures and picture frames. 

What about all those dorm room supplies. The bedding and power strips and shower shoes and bath caddies and laundry hampers and all that stuff. No one really wants to think about all that stuff. That's not the fun stuff. That doesn't personalize your college dorm room the way you want. 

Posters and tapestries become classic pieces of personal memorabilia you never throw away. That tapestry that hung on your dorm room wall for a semester is still with you 20 years later. Just wait and see. Your college dorm decor will stay with you.