• What is your return policy?

Returns are really simple. If you don't like it, return it for a refund or exchange for up to 45 days from date of order or for store credit 46-60 days from date of purchase. See Returns page for more info.

  •   How long till I receive my order?

Most orders are received within 18 days or sooner, many in 7-14 days, a few around 21-24 days, and some items are less than a week. See Shipping page for more info. 

  • How do I pay?  

As of October 2018 we are using PayPal as our only payment provider. It is safe and secure. At the end of the day the fees to us for processing payments in this manner are lower which allows us to keep our prices lower. The majority of payments have always been made this way so we think it is a pretty good option for many reasons. 

  • Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase? 

No. You do not need a PayPal account, need to be a member, or anything like that. 

A PayPal account is not required. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and you are more than welcome to check out as a guest. When you click the button it will bring you to a page giving you the choice to sign into your account or check out as a guest.

If you are not a member you enter your info just as you would on any other payment option. If you are already a PayPal member you already know how simple it is to use. A couple of mouse clicks or touches to your screen and you are done.

Is your site secure?

Absolutely! Our site is SSL secure to ensure all your personal information is encrypted. On top of that we do not even receive or see your credit card or payment information. It is completely automated and entered on one of the largest and most secure payment providers in the world used ever day by millions. We're pretty serious about this. We won't sell your email or contact info and we won't spam you. 

  • Some items have numbers on them. What's that about?

Some of our products have many options. The numbers, and in some cases colors are used to make product reference in the menu simpler. If you are just viewing the images make note of the number or color to choose the correct item from the menu. Choose a number or color from the menu and the coordinating item image will show. This will help ensure the proper item is added to the cart. 

  • What else do you guys do? 

Besides stock our store with great items and do everything we can to make sure you visit again we do lots of things, depending on the season. We hope to keep hearing your feedback, comments, and suggestions on your experience here and what you think about us. 

Thank You